Mackenzie’s 30 Day Writing Challenge #4

Beginning in 2010, I have created a series of “writing challenges” that are designed to inspire my friends and I (and anyone else who is interested!) to write more frequently. Due to popular request, the writing challenge is back!! The challenge will begin Sunday, October 14th, and continue with one prompt each day for thirty days. If you want others to read your creations, please tag your posts with “MCWC” (Mackenzie C———‘s Writing Challenge – it’s tradition). All content generated by this challenge can be found under that tag. Don’t forget to look back on old posts from a year ago or even two years ago!! And feel free to deviate from the order of prompts if you’re running behind.  Happy writing!

A note: I have tried to make this particular challenge full of more specific scenarios than the ones in the past. My prediction is that this should make things extra interesting if multiple people do each daily prompt. It will be fun to compare everyone’s pieces.

Day 1: Write about someone waiting at a bus stop. Where are they going? Are they alone?

Day 2: Write from the perspective of an animal.

Day 3: Write a story that takes place during an eclipse.

Day 4: Write about a character that is having a complete meltdown at an inopportune time.

Day 5: Write a story about someone who is taking a risk by walking through a bad neighborhood or a dimly lit street. Why are they doing this?

Day 6: Write a story that is centered around time - i.e. someone is late for an appointment or there is a clock in the room the story takes place in.

Day 7: Write about a strange method of transportation – skateboarding while holding a rope trailing behind a car, grabbing a bunch of balloons and taking off, riding an antique bicycle, etc.

Day 8: Write a story that takes place in some sort of dressing room or antechamber – where someone is getting ready to go on stage or waiting to meet with someone else.

Day 9: Write about a character that has two sides to their personality (or two completely different personalities).

Day 10: Write a story that takes place in a shower or bath.

Day 11: Write from the perspective of someone who is absolutely exhausted and can barely stay awake.

Day 12: Write a story that takes place in a castle – is it a historical site? An active castle in the past?

Day 13: Write from the point of view of an inanimate object.

Day 14: Write about someone who is struggling with multiple tragedies in their life - i.e. they’re already in mourning and another disaster occurs.

Day 15: Write a story about someone who reads something that they should not have read (which results in them learning something that they shouldn’t have known about).

Day 16: Write a story that involves a character running away from home and their daily responsibilities.

Day 17: Write about a character that can breathe underwater. What do they do with this power?

Day 18: Write about a world where there is no electricity. Is it set on Earth after a global power failure? In the past? On another planet?

Day 19: Write the same scene twice – once when it takes place during the day and a second time when it takes place at night. How do the two scenes compare?

Day 20: Write a story with only digital or written dialogue – all conversations are via text or letters, etc.

Day 21: Write about two characters that are each other’s total opposite. How do they interact?

Day 22: Write about someone who is staring at their reflection in the mirror.

Day 23: Write a story that involves a hiking trip during which something very unexpected happens.

Day 24: Write a story that either plays out in black and white or has at least one character that only sees in black and white.

Day 25: Write about people who are trying to conjure or communicate with spirits.

Day 26: Write about an interruption – something that disturbs people who are occupied with something else at the moment the disturbance occurs.

Day 27: Write about a shapeshifter or metamorphmagus – a character who can change their appearance at will.

Day 28: Write a story in which a character is very sick with a contagious and dangerous disease – what do they do?

Day 29: Write a story that takes place in a gorgeous, mysterious, and enchanting garden.

Day 30: Write about what would happen on the last day of the world – what would the apocalypse be like?